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Botanical Gardens, Copenhagen

Sorrrrry, I’ve been MIA for over a month now (my bad!) but after taking a break to Denmark last week I’m feeling inspired, motivated and so ready to get back in to the swing of blogging. Don’t hold your breath for a regular upload schedule though haha.
True to form, as soon as our airbnb’s were booked, it was straight to Pinterest to plan a rough itinerary of what we could do in Denmark. The very top of my list was the University of Copenhagen Botanical Gardens. Since I was a kid, this has always been my family’s kinda thing. We’ve always been quite ‘outdoorsy’, the majority of my family is big in to gardening so I was itching to get in to the greenhouses and amongst the leaves. Call me crazy.


As soon as that damp, earthy smell of the greenhouse hit my nose I was in my complete element and was literally buzzing around like a crazed wasp spouting all the plant names to Dan, who probably couldn’t care less haha! The Botanical Garden itself is HUUUGE, you could easily spend half a day meandering around the little greenhouses and pathways leading to ponds, bridges and a whole spectrum of lush greenery. On the day we chose to visit, the weather was pretty glum (as you can probably tell) so it was a welcome relief to duck in to the warmth of the Palm House for a while.



My absolute favourite part of the Palm House was the cast iron spiral staircase and passageway that circles right around the circumference of the glasshouse. I knew about the staircase beforehand after seeing many pictures online during my extensive researching but had no idea it lead to a panoramic view of the grounds through the steamy window panes (not sure what I thought the stairs lead to?) but it’s worth the tight squeeze up the staircase for the view inside the greenhouse alone, being amongst the treetops gives you a whole new perspective on all the plant beds and palm leaves below.


If you are every visiting Copenhagen I would definitely recommend setting aside a morning or afternoon to explore the botanical gardens, they are so well maintained and for free entry it would be amazing just to eat a little picnic in! It’s very central so easy as pie to get to, if you are travelling to the city centre, it’s just a few hops from Nørreport where there are stops for the s-tog, metro and lots of busses! Check out the opening times before you head in, a lot of the greenhouses open at different time so if you are looking for something in particular then it’s best to check beforehand.
I’d also strongly recommend going in to the little gift shop just inside the main gates. The staff are so friendly and they have so many cute gifts and planters/succulents/cacti to pick up and I’m 100% guilty of squealing when I saw all the stock and definitely walked away with a bag of goodies to take home.
There is more Denmark posts heading this way so please do brace yourselves!

  • Oh, I love botanical gardens as well!! Love the one we have here in London and let’s do this blogging thing…:)

    • Yay! Ohhh I haven’t been! I’ve heard about the Sky Garden & would love to visit! X