becshar | Golden Hour Beach Walks in Aarhus, Denmark
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Golden Hour Beach Walks in Aarhus, Denmark

After an exhilarating day at the deer park (I was undoubtedly twice as excited as the majority of the kids their at the prospect of feeding deer – see my previous blog post if this means nothing to you) we headed towards the beach to end the day with a beach walk just in time to take in the golden hour. I love nothing more than being beside the seaside, although Dan (who spent a while living in Eastbourne) has tried to convince me on countless occasions that the beach looses its charm once you’ve lived close by for years, I always stand by the fact that the beach makes me a happier person. There is something healing and rejuvenating about a lungful of salty air and I’ll always be a massive advocate for the curing qualities of the outdoors. It’s usually me that is fast to suggest a day at the beach if spirits are low, no matter the season, the beach is the best place to be if you’re a little down in the dumps.

The┬ábeach was only small but long enough to have a little walk and watch the dusk turn to dark amongst a few dog walkers. I got to pick up some mementos, i.e a few nicely shaped rocks small enough to slip in my pocket. Without fail, we return home after a trip away with our car’s centre compartment full of pebbles and shells. I always intend to put them in a terrarium but they seem to inevitably come to an untimely end at the bottom of my handbag/Dan’s pockets before they can fulfill their destiny as terrarium decor.

My favourite part of our little beach exploration was the jetty that sat towards the end of the sandy beach. Call me an adrenaline junkie (joking) but I revelled in being able to see the swell of the water beneath my feet as we walked along the iron grids beneath us, heading towards the end of the jetty.

Are there any particularly beautiful beaches in the UK you can recommend? I’m always looking for some hidden gems to visit where there isn’t many people and I can enjoy a few hours of uninterrupted bliss. Let me know!