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Grüner See, Austria

I’m getting a real case of ‘home sickness’ looking back at these pictures from earlier this year. Although there is no part of me that’s Austrian, in fact this was my first time even visiting, I have formed this weird connection with all the people & places there and all the small, seemingly insignificant places Dan showed me. As we drove in the car, Dan would nod his head in gesture for me to look at another place that filled him with nostalgia. I loved being able to connect with his memories in this way as he showed me the old gymnasium, the rose garden and the brook that babbled around the perimeter of the park where he was born in Baden but we also wanted to make memories of our own to look back on years down the line. As I mentioned in a previous post, we had compiled a bucket list of places we wanted to visit. The top of this list was Grüner See.

IMG_0148 copy

You’ve probably seen the pictures all over Pinterest – the lake that floods during summer once all the snow melts from the surrounding mountains and streams down the gully. Some adventure-driven people go snorkelling and witness the benches and trees under the turquoise water which a few months before had had people perched on them, eating a packed lunch. During our visit, the lake hadn’t yet flooded (you can see the Hochschwab Mountains were still capped in snow). Nevertheless, the sight was still absolutely breathtaking.  In some regards, i’m glad we didn’t go ‘on peak’ as when we arrived there was not a soul to be seen for miles and miles. To be able to take this all in without any other tourists hurrying us along was incredible and something i’ll never forget.




Driving to Gruner See was somewhat challenging, even with a native-Austrian on board who understood the road signs and information boards, but it was totally worth the hassle. Half way through walking around the skirt of the lake, it began snowing (you’ll understand the need for the huge puffer jacket that makes me kinda look like the ikea monkey ha). The sky turned a perfect, undisturbed white and in comparison to the piercing water, it was complete magic and made it that extra bit more special.

Is there anywhere you’d recommend to go in Austria? I’d love to add some new places to the bucket list for next time!

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