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Rundetaarn, Copenhagen

A lot of people say that planning out an itinerary for a trip abroad isn’t the right way to go about exploring new places but that really isn’t me and I know that picking somewhere to eat in our local town can sometimes take up to 3 hours (I wish I was exaggerating!) so to have a little notebook full of places we want to visit and opening times/admission prices for said places is just like having a safety net and makes planning our day to day adventures a lot easier.
With this being said, one of the places at the top of my ‘to-d0’ list for Denmark was The Round Tower. Admission was only 25.00 DKK (just under £3). The Rundetaarn is an attraction that won’t take up a huge portion of your day but is definitely worth doing!




The day that we visited we only passed about 5 other people on the way up and back down again which I think made it a lot more enjoyable and certainly a lot easier to wind up to the top of the tower. The tower is used for astronomical purposes and is still used by amateur astronomers and tourists today. At the top of the stair-less tower is an open-air observatory platform (not sure what the official name for that would be ha) so on a clear day you get some great views of the city. It was windy and drizzly the day we went so we couldn’t hang around outside for too long unless we wanted our hats to literally fly off in to oblivion.




The spiralling walk way is peppered with these gorgeous windows and with each one you pass, a new building appears before you as you wind higher and higher above Copenhagen (and I’m 100% GUILTY of peering in to the adjacent windows and admiring the local’s decor. A little weird now I read that back but if you are big in to Danish design you’ll understand where I’m coming from.. I hope). It’s not a strenuous walk up either (I didn’t break a sweat and I’m definitely no athlete) so you’ll feel well enough to enjoy the views haha.




Is there any places in Denmark that you want to cross off your bucket-list? Or somewhere you’ve already been and loved? I’d really love you hear about them! Fingers crossed I’ll get to go back to Denmark one day cos I’m pretty sure i’ve left a piece of my heart there somewhere amongst the lovely locals, gorgeous architecture and drool-worthy design.