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The Game Changing Body Oil

If you’d of asked me a couple of years ago what my skincare routine consisted of, my answer would simply be whatever gets my make-up off the fastest and with minimal effort. Nowadays that’s not the case – i’ve been well and truly sucked in to the world of skincare.
I’m not even a little bit embarrassed to say that the design of a product really sells something to me – the prettier it looks on my night stand the better (obviously it also serves a purpose for my skin too!) so one of my favourite places to shop for beauty products is TK Maxx. If you have one in your town then I urge you have have a little look, they often stock brands from outside the UK and at huge discounts so it’s always worth popping in!


I was instantly attracted to this little glass bottle – the honeysuckle petals that sit suspended in the oil give it such a classy look. At £4.99 (RRP $19.99) it’s hardly going to break the bank either! The scent is an absolute dream – a real fresh, floral, summery smell which also isn’t overbearing or sickly-sweet. The bottle reads that using this oil pre-moisturiser will provide you with soft, smooth skin (both face and body) and can also do wonders for dry, brittle hair when added to a hair treatment. It recommends you use it once daily so a bottle of this size (118ml) will last you a fair while. My mum also picked up the same thing but with rose buds which is meant to be great for ageing skin – have a snoop for what works best for you!



I’ve been using the oil for a while now and honestly have felt a noticeable difference in my skin, in particular with my face. I tend to have a soak in the bath, add a few drops to the palm of my hand and apply all over and then follow up with a light weight moisturiser and I feel like a new woman! And, even better! It’s cruelty free and has no parabens! Yay! I’d never realised the importance of a good, well balanced beauty regime but my skin is THANKING me. Especially now we are coming up to winter, I want to be fully prepared for all the elements.

Do you have any ‘can’t live without’ skin care favs? I’m open to suggestions!